Plea for curator of history appointed

I VISITED Mildura earlier this month for a conference on growing plants in a dry climate.

The history of the city is fascinating and the volunteers of the Mildura and District Historical Society provide a great service displaying that history – especially the pioneering role of the Chaffey brothers.

But how many citizens are aware of the significance of the Carnegie Centre, named after Andrew­­­ Carnegie, a Scottish-born American philanthropist, whose fortune was made in steel.

Not only did he contribute one of the most famous concert halls in the world – New York’s Carnegie Hall – but his passion for learning led him to help fund the original Mildura­ Library in the beautiful building opened in 1908.

Remarkably, this was one of more that 2000 he funded in America and around the world.

Why Mildura?

How many others exist in Aust­ralia?

If millions of dollars can be spent on capital works on the riverfront,­­­ could the salary be found for a professional curator to catalogue and oversee a precious historic collection, providing access by students and others and confidence to potential donors of historic documents, paintings and artefacts.

The Carnegie Centre could be celebrated as a jewel in Mildura’s crown.

Angela Munro,

Carlton North

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