Australians being drained of energy

DURING the 2013 federal election as a candidate for Palmer United I raised the idea and got approval from the party for an energy reservation policy.

I then ran on this in 2014 as a state candidate.

Both times I was laughed at and the idea scoffed at by media, other candidates and sitting politicians alike, with them describing it as unnecessary and that it would cost investment in the energy industry.

Well look at the cost of not having one now.

Manufacturing is leaving us, power bills are rising by an average of $100 a quarter for households, we have gas shortages, there is a doubling of the price of natural gas in Victoria and we are paying global­ prices as I predicted four years ago.

Not one royalty is entering government coffers because the multi-nationals­­­ are profit-shifting­­­ off shore because the then greatest treasurer in the world, Wayne Swan put together a tax reform that a 10-year-old could get around.

This could be fixed tomorrow if we had politicians with a backbone, however the energy sector is a major political donor.

So as Australians, our birthright of cheap, abundant energy, that is our economic advantage in the world, is being given away to the point you can now buy Australian gas cheaper in Japan than you can here.

Remember that the next time a manufacturer leaves our shores, the next time you get your power bill, and especially when you vote.

Both sides of the political spectrum have sold us out, yet warn you not to vote for minor parties that have addressed this issue.

The former prime minister described minor parties as “having a list of grievances, but no solutions”.

The reality is, minor parties, as demonstrated by this issue, are not full of sheep who simply toe the party line, they self fund, they research,­­­ but can’t get their message out because they lack the financial resources.

Maybe it’s time to ban energy sector donations the same as we have banned tobacco companies and something will be done to clean this mess up.

Mark Cory,

Red Cliffs

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