Distractions have replaced quiet Easter

“HOW Good Friday here compares to the world” was an interesting read (Sunraysia Daily, April 16).

It said: “Good Friday just got slightly more lively in Australia” ... referring the (yawn) AFL football.

What could be more un-lively than large sweaty men brawling for possession of a ball?

It also said: “Otherwise it’s still the quietest day of the year ... Good Friday is no big deal.”

Incorrect. Quietness is a very big deal – a scarce commodity, worthy of cherishing where it survives.

Quiet minds become full of thoughts – about life, about purpose, about meaning, about God.

We don’t like quiet.

We like distraction – it’s about food, about feeling good and about kidding ourselves we look good.

 Arnold Jago,

Nichols Point

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