People should buy where they can afford

THE mere suggestion of using super to gain a deposit to buy a home is flawed.

Buying a home has always been a hard slog in the beginning – back in the 1980s many of us coped with 17 per cent interest rates.

If homes in Melbourne and Sydney are beyond the ability of people to purchase, look beyond Melbourne and Sydney to regions, or Darwin.

There are opportunities to buy a home and one needs an open mind and the ability to adapt.

The other end of the issue is that the family home is part of one’s retirement funds and part of the aged pension calculations.

Have the family home as part of the asset and it will free up many homes and ease the pressure on the welfare budget and it will release locked up money into the economy.

People need to look for homes where they can afford and the net of where people can live is wider and wider.

Regions need investment and job creation to spread population and many government offices need to be relocated out of the ACT to country regions.

Stuart Davie,


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