Coopers panics over televised debate

COOPERS Breweries are currently in panic mode – terrified of being boycotted by the homosexual lobby.

They’re busily distancing themselves from a televised polite discussion between two politicians about same-sex-marriage – which happened to advertise their product.

What might be the attitude of ordinary non-homosexual beer-drinkers to same-sex marriage?

It’s on them that Coopers depend most of all to make money.

Nobody knows for sure.

However, their attitude to spineless inhibiting of free speech by big-moneyed corporations – I think we can guess that.

The debate itself was wishy-washy and missed the main point.

Isn’t the worst thing about same-sex marriage that such couples will use their being married to reinforce their claimed right to adopt children – thus unnecessarily depriving children of a mother-father-based family unit to belong to?

That aspect didn’t get a mention.

Arnold Jago,

Nichols Point

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