Council fixated on the wrong projects

GLAD to see that Mayor Glenn Milne has covered all bases with the motorsport complex as he stated in reply to my recent letter. As another correspondent said it would be nice to see signed contracts and financial guarantees for the complex, not just firm commitments.

If only Cr Milne could put just as much effort in to resolving things like parking in the CBD, and the hospital, fixing the wharf at the river which should have been done with the recent redevelopment there.

The riverfront development badly needs shaded tables and seating with arms, not the seating now, which is too low. 

If you have a disability it is hard to sit down and get up again.

What about the sporting complex for Mildura South, I would have thought this would be a project that would benefit a lot more people than the motorsport complex.

I believe the council gets too involved in some areas that it should not and should be concentrating on the basics first.

I have in the past attended open seminars put on by the council about projects and offered ideas but you may as well talk to the trees because once a plan is proposed that is it, it cannot have anyone offering up any good suggestions.

So Cr Milne good luck with the motorsport complex, I look forward to seeing it packed out every weekend, fully paying for itself. I also do not believe in the tooth fairy.

Eric Lee,


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