Prevent suffering, adopt a homeless pet

PUGS, bulldogs and other “flat faced” dogs face a life of misery due to reckless breeding, according to veterinarians and the RSPCA, with many requiring surgery just to be able to breathe properly.

Some are sleep deprived because they cannot breathe when they lie down, while others develop oesophageal issues requiring them to be fed in a baby’s high chair.

These dogs may also be susceptible to heat stress, eye problems, dental disease, skin infections and spinal deformities.

This illustrates just a few of the many problems with “breed” dogs.

People often acquire “pure-breed” dogs and cats only to find that they suffer from tragic and expensive health problems, often as a result of inbreeding or being selectively bred for environments quite different to ours.

If you have the time, space, money, and compassion needed to care for an animal, please adopt a homeless dog or cat from the local animal shelter or rescue group.

Never buy an animal from a pet store or breeder, and always have your animal companion desexed, as hundreds of thousands of homeless dogs and cats are euthanised in Australia each year, simply because there aren’t enough good homes for them all. 

Ashley Fruno,

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Australia

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