Remove bollards to promote tourism

How can Mildura Council say they are serious about tourism when they have gone out of their way to segregate the highly-promoted drawcard, the marina, from the rest of the waterfront? 

This was supposed to be a high-priced water development with a  cafe, motel and shopping. Now this failed un-landscaped enterprise has only a cafe that has been cut off from tourist trade because the council, in its wisdom, is preventing traffic under the bridge with its row of bollards.

These bollards also force boat users up on to the one of the busiest roundabouts in the city if they want to head east causing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with trucks coming from Buronga.

What’s say the council start promoting and helping its tourism operators and tourists who are still willing to come here by promoting existing potential attractions and making them more accessible?

Mike Rickard, 


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