Game watch: Switched on despite issues

The Nintendo Switch may not be perfect buts its hard not to love.

The Nintendo Switch may not be perfect buts its hard not to love.

Is Nintendo pulling this off? I really can’t tell yet.

The Nintendo Switch is probably the most original console idea we’ve seen since the original Wii and is a joy to hold and play, but I still can’t shake the feeling that Nintendo hasn’t quite stuck the landing.

For the record, I’m loving my Nintendo Switch, but I keep coming across design choices that I feel keep it from being one for the ages. 

For example, detaching and re-attaching the Joy-cons to the Switch is satisfying, but the desync­­­ issues with the left controller is frustrating.

I found most of the controls to be really responsive otherwise except when aiming.

When aiming a bow in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild the right joystick has a tendency twitch, making delicate aiming very difficult.

I feel like these are issues that the $89 Nintendo Switch Pro Controller will fix, but I don’t think proper functionality should cost extra.

Still, those grievances are nothing compared to the strange amounts of joy I got from disconnecting the Switch from its dock and playing it around my house.

As I’ve said before, the only way consoles can beat PCs in gaming is by providing experiences­­­ that can’t be replicated on another system.

While the Switch is by no means the first or only handheld gaming device, it’s still the only one giving a genuine console-handheld­­­ hybrid experience and I feel no amount of bug bears can take that away.

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