Electricity changes threaten our way of life

What is the first thing a country does when invading another country in a state of war? They dismantle or destroy that country’s power supply and network.

Us so-called smart Australians are doing it voluntarily and it is going to endanger our first world status in the coming years.

Since 2012, Australian state governments have closed down 10 coal-fired power stations, taking a massive 5300 megawatts of capacity out of our electricity network (Source; Australian Energy Council).

We have lost two in Victoria, Morwell and shortly Hazelwood, they haven’t been replaced.

Now our very inept and hopelessly short-sighted state Labor socialist green government is planning to make our power grid 40 per cent reliant on renewable energy by 2025.

How’s that working out for South Australia Daniel Andrews? 

Not only has it been a disaster for them, they also have the highest power prices in the country. Queensland is going down the same green path as well.

For a state, that prides itself on innovation and looking forward, this is totally insane.

Why is our State Government beholden to the Greens in such a way that they will endanger our industries, our children’s future and lives with such madness?

I’ll tell you why, so it makes them feel better about saving the planet, from a non-existent problem called global warming. 

Bill Schutz


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