BREAKING: Coroner presents findings on Bridgett Currah's death

Bridgett Currah

Bridgett Currah

A CORONER has recommended that staff at Mildura Base Hospital undertake further training and education following the death of a young child just hours after she was discharged from the hospital in 2013.

Nineteen-month old Bridgett Currah was found dead in her cot the morning after her step-mother had taken the Curlwaa toddler to the hospital due to excessive vomiting.

A four-day inquest into the girl's death last month was told the taking of Bridgett's observations at the hospital were "manifestly inadequate" and the child should have been admitted for further observations.

In her formal findings handed down into Bridgett's death this morning, Deputy NSW coroner Teresa O'Sullivan said it was appropriate to make recommendations to the hospital's operator Ramsay Health Care.

She recommended that nursing and medical staff at Mildura Base Hospital undergo education and training about the use of graphical observations and response charts and on the importance of the taking and recording of standard observations.

She further recommended that Dr Chellam Kirubakaran, who treated Bridgett on the night she died, undergo education and training about the importance of making an entry in the clinical notes for each patient review and as to who has responsibility for making those entries.