We have enormous potential for growth

IN the past month or so I have been fortunate to attend some exciting events which showcase some of what makes Sunraysia and the Mallee great.

I have been to the Australian Alternative Variety Wine Show which attracted entrants from all over Australia and New Zealand and featured international wine judges and writers.

I also attended Slow Food National Conference events which showcased local food and restaurateurs and celebrated the freshness and variety of our local produce, all presented in an ambience of joyful sharing and celebration.

People from all over Australia attended and from my conversations, were impressed with our hospitality and the quality of our produce.

At the Mildura Development Corporation and MRCC “Innovation Awards” night the energy and camaraderie was addictive and the innovation occurring in our region is spectacular, with manufacturers producing world-class products and selling them globally.

The public motorsport precinct presentation, a strong, detailed and exciting report with wide support, including Confederation of Australian Motorsports, identified the positives of this events-based initiative for our community. 

As a region, we need to be confident enough and thoughtful enough to put ourselves “out there” as a capable and attractive community for people and industries to come.

With the $11 billion recent lease of the Melbourne ports as an example, we need to ensure decision-makers spend 25 per cent of that ($2.75 billion) where people in Victoria live – rural Victoria. 

Mildura is Victoria’s sixth largest city and forward thinking, through engagement with community, industry and governments, can identify the opportunities, challenges and necessary infrastructure to take up the challenge of growing regions. By firstly advocating our successes, necessary infrastructure and social investment can be justified to both state and federal governments.

Tony Alessi,


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