Nationals fail farmers on backpacker tax

LET’S get real about the backpacker tax.

It’s a combination of a 19 per cent direct tax and an additional 8.55 per cent take from superannuation totalling almost 28 per cent.

This is very close to the 32.5 per cent originally proposed by the Coalition Federal Government and therefore is a significant loss for those who work for farmers.

As most backpackers earn less than the $18,000 tax-free threshold, what we’re seeing is a grab for money from a group too disorganised to oppose the law makers.

Their opposition will be seen by their choice to walk away from travelling in this increasingly rude, exploitative and exploited nation.

Tough luck farmers – once again the Nationals have failed rural communities and try to lie to us all and say that it’s OK. 

Robert Biggs,

Red Cliffs

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