‘Clear outline’ given on how to make savings

Regarding  Dennis Matthews’ letter (“Aspiring councillors must detail savings”, October 11), numerous­­­ candidates, including myself, have given a clear outline as to how savings could be made. 

They include:

REDUCING the top-heavy Mildura council management;

CREATING a developer guarantee bond to ensure new housing development streets are made to a standard that won’t crumble after two years, leaving ratepayers picking up the tab for repairs;

REDUCING or eliminating council-funded boards, such as Mildura City Heart, that does nothing more than organise a jumping castle for the kids on school holidays;

PUTTING the insurance requirements out to private tender;

ENDING the practice of “preferred contractors” tendering for council contracts that locks out competition.

All these things can be achieved without slash-and-burn cuts to services. 

What people should be asking of sitting councillors is why they never even looked at these options.

Mark Cory, 

Mildura Council candidate

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