Look at rates strategy, not the comments

JULIE Waters raises a valid point in saying current councillors latch on to ideas put forward by new candi­dates and claim them as their own (Sunraysia Daily, October 13).

It’s not uncommon in political circles. However, it does show a lack of vision of those who do so.

A good example is rates. No councillor was talking about this a year ago, yet several now say they are too high.

Worse again is the criticism of candidates for having ideas. Partic­ularly criticism that is neither constructive nor supported with fact. 

To simply say “rubbish” is not ­acceptable.

The who one stands out in the crowd in all of the above of course is Cr Milne. He has criticised and even vilified many for their ideas, as if it is a defence mechanism for the inability to come up with orig­inal, realistic ideas.

It will be interesting to see what criticism is levelled at the rate-­reduction strategy put up by the ratepayers association. 

The community’s opinion of ­candidates should be formed from the quality of their campaign, rather than the vitriolic comments of a councillor trying to cling to office.

Phil Douglass,

Mildura Council candidate

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