Candidates ignore train at their own risk

Call me old fashioned but I believe in meeting people face-to-face to discuss issues, while time consuming and tiring, is the best way to discover constituents concerns and attitudes towards their council. 

As I “door knock” as a candidate for the MRCC election there are certain issues that stand out in my analysis of information gained from the public.

Firstly, many people say that they have never had a candidate visit to hear their concerns. 

Secondly, one might be surprised at the opinions offered and the force with which they are delivered.

Much has been said in the media about municipal rates, a legitimate concern, however in my experience so far, two out of three immediate responses relate to the return of passenger rail to the Mildura line. 

In fact, some are so frustrated or angry when they put their view on this issue that I sometimes take a step back.

Any candidate for the council, incumbent or new, who thinks the issue of returning a passenger rail service is an old issue will suffer consequences. 

The council should be actively advocating now for the return of our passenger train in sequence with the upgrade for freight rail.

Michael Jones,

Mildura Council candidate

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