Prospect of budget savings is real

Bernard Denner (SD, September 21), claims my achievements are overstated.

I invite him to view the Facebook page I created three years ago called Pollie Watch Victoria, where I have documented all my lobbying and success in exposing the abhorrent laws that allowed sex with children as young as 10, and then 12 after the 2006 amendments, as well as my ongoing work exposing the worker exploitation situation in the horticultural industry.

As for my claim to save $10 million over four years, in June 2015 Mornington Peninsula Shire saved $690,230 in one year putting their insurance requirements out to tender, rather than sticking with the Municipal Association of Victoria preferred insurer. 

Given inflation, the size difference and requirements in comparison with Mildura Rural City Council, this one change alone could save upwards of $1 million per year, or $4 million of the $10 million over the term of council I promised to save.

The second way I intend to save money is by creating a developer guarantee fund, in which developers place a bond with the council to cover repairs to new housing estate roads, rather than ratepayers picking up the tab for dodgy streets that crumble within two years of being laid. 

The engineering budget was blown last year by $554,000. One only needs to travel down any recent housing estate to see where this money is being spent repairing shoddy workmanship that the council should never have signed off on.

Then, as stated, I intend to gain support to review the numerous boards. If they can’t justify their expenditure, then they are a luxury ratepayers cannot afford.

These are just the beginning of the savings measures I intend to implement, without the need to cut services.

Unlike Mr Denner, who has to resort to character assassination to gain attention, I have a plan and can articulate how I will achieve it.

Mark Cory, 

Mildura Council candidate

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