Mildura needs to plan for the future

Regarding the texts (September 20) commenting on my idea around accountability and measuring our success as a community, I thank the writers for their feedback but point out that the information required would not take enormous resources. 

The information is readily available. Mallee Track Health and Community Service could let us know how many days Ouyen had a doctor, City Heart and smaller town Progress Associations could let us know how many empty shops, crime statistics are readily available, etc. The information simply needs to be collated. But much more importantly is the sentiment behind the idea. 

I want to be part of a council that is looking forward 50 years as it seems we are currently just treading water as a community. 

To engage us all in the conversation about economic and social issues is critical, especially for the generation coming through who need to be part of the planning for our future. 

I put forward this idea of measuring and monitoring important indicators of our progress and well-being, because we are only as strong as our weakest link.

I want all of us to feel and be engaged in planning for a vibrant future for Mildura. 

Helen Healy, 

Mildura council candidate

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