Achievements speak louder than words

MARK Cory joins the ranks of council candidates. 

I hope his exaggeration of past achievements won’t be the reason he is elected to council. 

Yes, he is a voice on a range of issues but I’m yet to see what he has achieved. 

He is critical of people who make “grand statements” and promise much, such as bringing back the passenger train and putting the hospital back into state hands – four years and nothing has been achieved or actually happened.

It will not happen in the next four years, or 10 years. 

Mr Cory said he would save $10 million over four years.

We would hold you to that, but not at the cost of council services or a new sports centre or a range of infrastructure that needs attention, or development of our Deakin­­­ Avenue and continued support of tourism and local business development. 

Don’t promise what you can’t deliver, and remember one councillor does not hold the power.

It requires all working together for the betterment and economic future of our community.

Bernard Denner,

Mildura Council candidate

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