Pharmacists dispense health care as well

On behalf of the Pharmacy Board of ­Australia, I commend Australia’s 29,600 ­pharmacists for their important contribution to the health and wellbeing of the ­Australian community.

World Pharmacists Day is being marked worldwide on Sunday, with this year’s theme being Pharmacists: Caring for you.

Every community has access to a pharm-acist, through their local pharmacy or hospital. 

This makes pharmacy one of the most ­visible and accessible health professions for the public. This year’s theme reflects this.

The theme reflects the important role of pharmacists in providing care to the public, and how the role has evolved from being a provider of medicines to a provider of care. This is evident in the decision of governments nationally to authorise trained pharmacists to administer vaccines to patients.

World Pharmacists Day, now in its sixth year, is an opportunity to highlight the contribution of pharmacists to the provision of accessible, high-quality healthcare services and advice. 

The Pharmacy Board would like to say “thank you” to those pharmacists who are providing such services.

The board plays a key role in regulating pharmacists in the public interest. The health and safety of the public is at the core of what we do.

To enable this, we set the standards that establish the requirements for pharmacists to be registered to practise competently and safely in Australia. 

The board also publishes codes and guidelines for pharmacists to follow, and maintains the register of pharmacists, which can be found at

Meeting the board’s requirements for registration and practice, including completion of the annual continuing professional development requirements, maintaining professional indemnity insurance arrangements and complying with all board registration standards, codes and guidelines, supports safe delivery of important services by pharma­cists to the public.

On World Pharmacists Day we acknow­ledge the importance of ongoing ­engagement between the board and the profession about delivery of health care to the public and achieving safe outcomes.

William Kelly,

Pharmacy Board of Australia

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