Down the years: Driving the way forward

A 1915 Dodge Brothers touring car causes a sensation when it becomes the first Dodge in Boston. Picture:

A 1915 Dodge Brothers touring car causes a sensation when it becomes the first Dodge in Boston. Picture:

100 years ago

CAR: Side by side with cars of every type, the Dodge Bros car is proving itself the superior of most and the equal of any power performance and high-gear work. In the cities and in traffic it crawls along smoothly in top gear without bucking or jerking. It picks up in a twinkling – from a stand to 25 miles an hour. The Dodge car does “the extraordinary” with a matter-of-fact work-a-day ease. You would never believe it possible in any type of motor car. (20.9.1916)

LAND: Notice is hereby given that it is intended at the expiration of 14 days from the insertion of this notice in the “Mildura Cultivator” to register a transfer under the said Transfer of Land Act 1915 from the First Mildura Irrigation Trust to Frederick Brown of Mildura, baker of the land below. Dated 7th day of September, 1916. N. R. Currey, Assistant Registrar of Titles. The land is lots 5 and 6 Section 46 block E on plan of subdivision numbered 2453 lodged in the Office of Titles, being part of Crown portion four parish of Mildura, County of Karkaroo, and being the land contained in Certificate of Title, Vol. 2346 Fol 487116, standing in the name of Martha Lawrence, wife of Alexander Lawrence – Hutt St, Adelaide, S.A., physician, land mortgaged to the Chaffey Bros, Swanston St, Melbourne. (20.9.1916)

DRINK: As we note the Intoxicating Liquor Bill has passed the Victorian Legislative Assembly by a majority of 5 to 1, let the council pass it unanimously. Would it be permanent? Drink is no good, never was and never will be. Drink at all times is a cancer at the heart of communities, states and nations, a sapper of intellect, vitality and purpose. In war times it is treachery to the cause and fighters of the cause. There is no “milk and water tommyrot”, the Empire needs every ounce of muscle and brain. Drink has caused the army grave delays with munitions, robbed the workshops of millions of hours and given the Navy anxiety by delaying ships, placing transports at the mercy of submarines and delays supplies. (20.9.1916)

75 years ago

BANK: Speaking about the State Savings Bank of Victoria, the chairman of the bank, Mr W. Kerr, who is a guest at the Grand Hotel,­ said that the bank opened for business on January 1, 1842. It was then called the State Savings Bank of Port Phillip and had as its president the Superintendant of Port Phillip, Mr Charles Joseph La Trobe. Following the separation of Victoria from New South Wales in 1853, the title was changed to the Savings Bank of Victoria and in 1912 the title of State Savings Bank of Victoria was adopted. (18.9.1941)

NEWS ITEMS: Forms were issued to the mothers of children of enlisted men in the Army, Navy or Air Force, to enable the committee of the Returned Soldiers’ League to approximate the numbers likely to be involved in a Christmas party for the children. The RSL does not wish any child to be omitted. MEAT: The canning of mutton is to be carried out in each State under the Commonwealth’s scheme. (20.9.1941)

HERO: The presence of mind, thoughtfulness for his comrades and utter consideration for himself as an Australian soldier was strikingly illustrated by Major W. Trestrail, of the Salvation Army. The Australians attacking at Tobruk had not been informed by their intelligence corps of the presence of tanks buried in the ground in the centre positions of the defence line. Machine-gun nests on the left and right were taken, one Australian company lost half of its personal in taking tanks. One sergeant lost his rifle and was about to throw his grenade when he was mortally wounded. He had taken the pin out of the grenade seven seconds before being struck by a bullet and when picked up by his mates he had put the pin back in the grenade, which was gripped tightly in his hand, to prevent his comrades being hurt if it exploded. (20.9.1941)

50 years ago

NAME: Agreement to dropping the name Dareton to clear up the Dareton-Coomealla confusion is not unanimous after all. One organisation came out against the proposal to adopt the one name Coomealla for the township and surrounding irrigation area. It is the NSW Water Conservation and Irrigation Commission that called the town Dareton in the first place as a tribute to a former commissioner. Until then, the town and district were called Coomealla. The Wentworth Shire Council declared in favour of the original name, both for its melodic sound and to stop the confusion of the dual names. They got rousing support. (20.9.1966)

BUSTER: Ronald “Buster” Edwards, hunted all over the world since the $A6,250,000 great train robbery, was bled white by gangs before he surrendered on Monday. Scotland Yard is now hunting for the blackmailers who are said to have more than $2,500,000 stolen from the Glasgow to London mail train three years ago. (21.9.1966)

BRIDGE: Tenders have been called for Went­worth’s new bridge across the Darling River. The bridge will be a seven-span steel and concrete construction and will be built just downstream and at a slight angle to the present bridge which has stood since 1880. The central span of the 532ft bridge will have a 63ft hydraulically-operated lift span, which will be the first one in Sunraysia. (21.9.1966)

25 years ago

TOURISM: Tourist dollars are going elsewhere as we lose the race to maintain our profile as a top tourist destination. It costs more than $300 return to fly here and for as little as $100 more the same tourist can spend seven nights on the Gold Coast, accommodation included.

DUNNIES: Dunnies are now a collectable item and Sunraysia has two “thunder box” collections. While they may look like a motley collection, the Australian architecture to the lay person, each has a unique story and link with some of Australia’s greatest heroes. Bradman, Menzies, Bronhill and Ansett all share one thing in common – the humble backyard loo. (19.9.1991).

SIESTA: Mildura has grabbed nation-wide publicity through Siesta City as newspapers, radio stations and television programs clamoured for more details of the siesta plan. The idea has been a love it or hate it idea since the Sunraysia Development Corporation chief executive, Mr J. Daffy, appeared on a television breakfast show dressed in a poncho, with a sombrero on his head and wearing a holster and gun belt and spoke to Liz Hayes. The originator of the Siesta City concept was Mr John Irwin. (19.9.1991)

HEADLINES: 1. Today is the day when the Teddy Bears have their picnic and the Nichols Point Mobile Playgroup will hold the picnic in the Nichols Point Hall. There will be teddy-related activities such as decorating bear hats, icing teddy bear biscuits and adding fur to teddy pictures. 2. Holden’s T30 is a wolf in sheep’s clothing as it packs a 200kW punch, it has all the potency of HSV’s revered SV5000 Commodore, but externally looks little more than a smart family sedan. (20.9.1991)

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