Homophobes need lesson in compassion

Kieran Mangan is saying what needs to be said and challenging the nasty homophobic out of touch religious conservatives to open their hearts and minds. 

He had every right to challenge the sick comparison made by Andrew Broad comparing homosexuals to rams in a paddock.

Mr Broad must say sorry and mean it. He is elected to represent all in the electorate and he fails to do so.

The nasty, hurtful and evil debate is just beginning and the plebiscite will make the hate even worse.

People like the Mr Broad are the reason the plebiscite will take place because they are too weak in the house to have a vote on it.

Kieran Mangan is a fine young man who makes a great contribution to Mildura.

I find the whole debate about gay marriage to be an example of homophobic people who will never understand this part of our society.

The plebiscite is pandering to those people who have little understanding of many other ways of life and other cultures, not just the rights of gay people. 

They need to be shown how to think more openly and kindly.

The money that will be provided for the “Yes” and “No” campaigns is a waste and will only cause some hate packed advertising and debate. 

I find the letter from Arnold Jago (Sunraysia Daily, September 17) offensive to the many kind, caring, compassionate, open and understanding people in society.

Stuart Davie,


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