Unnatural comments are out of touch

IN response to Arnold Jago(Sunraysia Daily, September 17), a respectful conversation cannot begin when you are referring to people in same-sex relationships as “unnatural”.

I also think it is unfair to speak on behalf of Member for Mildura  Andrew Broad, I do not believe he was referring to anyone or anything as unnatural. 

What Mr Jago sees as children being “groomed”, I see as our whole society moving forward to a more enlightened and educated era. 

This is about two people choosing to get married, every other issue is a distraction created by the “No” side of the argument to skirt around the fact they do not like change as it does not fit into their belief system. In the end, when the Marriage Act is eventually changed, your day will remain the same. 

You will wake up, have your breakfast, read the paper and, if history has shown us anything, write a letter to it, and that’s fine with me. 

Kieran Mangan,


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