Denis Ryan deserves a medal for his courage

This is an open letter to Premier Daniel Andrews.

My parents (now deceased) were great supporters of Denis Ryan’s pursuit of acknowledgement of the case against Monseigneur John Day,  that Day’s protection by Detective Jim Barritt was morally and legally wrong and that leaders in both the Catholic Church and Victoria Police acted illegally against the best interests of the community as well as the health and safety of the children they were entrusted to protect.

Like so many in Sunraysia, my brothers and sisters went to the same schools and attended the same churches. Like so many of my school friends, we have buried our parents who never got to see Mr Ryan vindicated. 

I write to you so all future Victorians will know his story and honour his commitment, dedication and courage in the face of adversity.

While Mr Ryan and his family should receive compensation for the amount they were denied should a lawful process be followed, they also deserve more. 

Mr Ryan, like so many in his age group will not live much longer and it is important that his courage and pursuit of justice for over 50 years should not die with him when his time comes.

I would like to recommend Victoria award a medal of valour to Mr Ryan and also the same to be awarded to those in public service who display the same dedication and courage. I recommend it be known as the Denis Ryan Medal of Courage.

Denise Challis,

Former Mildura resident

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