Fluoride in drinking water can be dangerous

Tasmania has had the benefit of fluoridated water since 1953 and Tasmanians have the worst teeth in Australia. How does that add up? 

Has the Grattan Institute researched toothpaste sales per head of population in Mildura compared to the state average? Now that might show an inverse correlation: less toothpaste used, more decay. 

Stop the fluoride push; it’s not only not good for you (ie, ineffective), it’s actually bad for you in almost too many ways to count.

I might add that if the Grattan institute researched the amount of fast food and soft drinks used by the population of Sunraysia, especially the younger generation, they would find that diet has a major impact on tooth decay. 

The effect of fluoride on teeth is at best is only helpful (if at all) on very young children and only if they use fluoridated toothpaste. 

There is plenty of peer proven evidence to say that fluoride in drinking water is dangerous especially for people with major illnesses like diabetes, kidney disease and others.

Why are many towns and cities in the US, Canada and even Queensland removing it? It corrodes metal pipelines, how can it be healthy for human consumption?

Bette Schultz,

Red Cliffs

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