Life goes on without social media worlds

SOCIAL media has become part of our everyday lives, and many of us, both young and old cannot begin to image living without it. 

And yes, it gives us an easy way to communicate with our friends, publish photos of daily activities and much more. 

All of these positives can make it considerably hard for us to imagine logging off Facebook, Twitter and other social media forever. 

But when social media begins to impact lives in a negative way, simply giving it up may be an option. 

It’s no secret that online bullying is one of the major disadvantages of social media, but there are others too, such as the lack of sleep, and the constant distraction. 

And though people know all of this, and the impact it can have on individuals, the very thought of never logging on again seems to be something everyone considers a ridiculous thought.

It has been over a year since I chose to quit Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. 

I am simply one of the few young people of today who have chosen not to use them. 

There is a life beyond social media, when you look around and hear your friends constantly talking about posts; when so much of life seems to revolve around posting pictures, chatting and replying; collecting friends you never speak to face-to-face; and when you see the impact online bullying can have.

Yet so many fingers still twitch to check profiles.

It isn’t that hard to choose not to use these online worlds. 

I am not writing to encourage others to give them up. I am writing simply to state that there was a life before these online places existed.

You can live without it and it worries me when so many people seem unable to. 

It takes a lot of self-control to limit your use at times. I know this, that is why eliminating it from my life has worked better for me. 

But if social media is impacting your life in a negative way, why not log off instead of hitting refresh, or hanging off the words and pictures posted by friends you never seem to speak to or see?

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