Call for council to fix riverfront carpark

MILDURA went on display to celebrate PS Melbourne’s birthday last weekend. 

In fabulous weather a flotilla of craft travelled along the magestic Murray, the farmers’ market was in operation, thousands of Mildura residents and visitors filled the precinct and lined the shores enjoying themselves. 

Enjoying themselves after they got a car park! 

Ever since the soundshell was built and the surrounding area developed, council has known any major function there requires co-ordinated carparking. 

Over the years, some councillors have pressured staff to finish the area, including carparking.

Former council chief executive officers have bumped heads with officers whose response is they cannot do anything without another consultation.

Recognising its limitations, our council has engaged experts to run the important areas – the airport, economic development and tourism. 

What gives them the impression they can deliver our most important national award-winning riverfront masterplan? 

Adopted by council in 2005, it was then costed at $120 million. 

The plans were designed to encourage $100 million of private investment. 

It was not designed to burden the ratepayer any further. 

Seeing photos of the day’s traffic confusion may move council’s administration to action, or perhaps they will form another committee with more consultants.

Allan Morffew,


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