Clean up your act: All care and no responsibility about littering

AUSTRALIANS are all care but no responsibility when it comes to litter, with 90 per cent claiming to feel guilty if they drop rubbish but one third of people littering anyway, new research has revealed.

Dumping of rubbish is a blight on the landscape and society.

Dumping of rubbish is a blight on the landscape and society.

This is the first time Keep Australia Beautiful (KAB) has commissioned research into behaviour and attitudes to litter with more than 2000 Australians surveyed.

The McCrindle Research survey, which included Victorian residents, was commissioned in time for this year’s KAB Week – an annual event that reminds all Australians to keep our country beautiful and litter-free.

The survey revealed stark contradictions between what people think and how they act when it comes to rubbish.

“The vast majority of us, 83 per cent, say that litter is a problem in our own community and yet only 7 per cent of people participated in an organised clean-up day in the past year,” KAB chief executive officer Peter McLean said.

“And while 99 per cent say litter­ bothers them, 30 per cent of us confess to doing it anyway.

“We are obviously not walking the talk.”

The survey found food, cigarette butts and small pieces of paper, such as receipts, were the most typically dropped items.

It also revealed the most common excuses for littering were that the piece of rubbish was “very small”, that it was biodegradable and that there were no bins nearby.

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