Confusion over hospital problems

IN response to Steve Tittensor’s letter, my observations were not meant to reflect in-depth research, Larry O’Connor has done that. 

But his letter highlights the confusion of issues with which the Reclaim the Base group are running: 

THE hospital building. Like any piece of real estate or equipment can be owned or leased. (All local businesses choose one of these options.)

The Kennett Government chose leasing as the financial mess left by the Cain-Kirner Government gave it little choice.

It is not a health care issue. 

EMPLOYMENT: One can employ and manage staff directly or subcontract the task. The key issue is to ensure there are clear directions on what has to be done and that the work is done efficiently and economically as directed. 

The method of employment is not a health care issue. 

In my view, our health care issues should be: 

ARE the requirements and directions the government has given for our health care at Mildura Base Hospital being carried out efficiently and economically? 

ARE these requirements and directions correct and realistic for our community? 

IS there a demonstrably better (and affordable) way for the delivery of these health services? 

ON a wider front, are the federal and state governments allocating sufficient resources to hospital health care? 

AND are the funding formulas used to allocate these resources fair and reasonable for rural 

hospitals and their communities? 

Lance Milne,


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