No butts about it

SUNRAYSIA smokers are being urged to bin it after they butt out today as part of a national campaign to protect the environment from litter.

Cr Judi Harris

Cr Judi Harris

National Butt Free Day is a campaign highlighting the impact discarded cigarette butts have on the local environment.­

Research by Keep Australia Beautiful showed 43 per cent of all items littered­ across Australia were cigarette butts.

Campaign spokesperson John Phillips said there was a need to increase awareness of where cigarette butts go after they are dropped on the ground.

“We are all well aware of the health issues surrounding smoking, but less well informed about the environmental, social and economic impacts of butt littering,” he said.

Mildura Rural City Council environment spokesperson Judi Harris  said protecting the Murray was paramount.

“I think the really frustrating thing is anything dropped on the ground is eventually washed into the river,” she said.

“We want people to pick up (their)cigarette butts.”

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