Clean up your mess, resident: Litter bug anger

PICK it up!

Cr Judi Harris

Cr Judi Harris

The difficult thing is council can’t put bins everywhere because the cost of disposal is quite high, so we rely on people doing the right thing

Cr Judi Harris

Litter bugs in Mildura have been put on notice as residents are becoming angry at the increasing amount of rubbish left on local footpaths.

Empty cans, soft drink bottles, milk cartons, takeaway food containers and condiments are being left on the streets and not in the bins, while the number of the weekend’s alcoholic “empties” is also on the rise.

A Mildura woman, who wished to remain anonymous, sent Sunraysia Daily a letter to the editor expressing her disappointment and sadness at the amount of litter being left on the footpaths, particularly along Walnut Avenue and Fifteenth Street.

The woman, who is a regular walker around these areas, said she was appalled at the amount of food-related litter tossed carelessly aside, noting the old Buttercup factory on Walnut Avenue as a particularly bad spot.

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