Rally a good time to talk about hospital

THE Mildura Base Hospital is an extremely important part of our community, especially given our geographic isolation. 

We are the only Victorian region with a privately-operated base hospital.

Private operation means that profits must be made and how this affects the quality and quantity of services deserves attention. 

The new contract is currently under discussion so the time for this attention is now.

The level of confidence that we have in our hospital is an important factor for us all, and I believe that we have been given enough information to be very concerned about whether it should continue to be run by a private company.

Our local state MP Peter Crisp needs to declare his position on the hospital’s future – for example does he consider that Ramsay Health Care should be granted a new contract?

If so, for how long and what are his reasons for this position? 

Who has he consulted within the community and how widely? 

The Reclaim the Base rally on Sunday is a chance to get involved in this important discussion so one would hope that we all get ourselves down to The Nowingi Place at 3pm.

Jenny Gibbons,


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