POLL: What is your least trusted profession?

Reader's Digest has published its list of 50 most trustworthy professions.

MOST BELIEVED 1) Paramedics   2)  Firefighters   3)  Rescue Volunteers 4) Nurses Equal-5th) Doctors  Equal-5th) Pilots  7) Pharmacists  Equal-8th) Veterinarians Equal-8th) Air Traffic Controllers Equal-8th)  Farmers

NOTABLE MENTIONS – 11) Police 14) Teachers 17) Bus/tram/train drivers  19) Locksmiths

LEAST BELIEVED 40) Airport baggage handlers 41) Taxi drivers 42) Journalists   Equal-43) CEOs Equal-43) Radio Talkback Hosts Equal-45) Real estate agents Equal-45) Call Centre Staff Equal-47) Sex workers Equal-47) Insurance salespeople 49) Politicians 50) Door-to-door salespeople.

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