Bad stories coming out of hospital

AFTER reading the articles in Friday’s Sunraysia Daily, it appears I was right in believing Ramsay Health Care’s contract renewal was virtually a done deal. 

After lodging a complaint with the Health Minister several months ago about the hospital, I received a letter from him stating that the hospital passed all the criteria necessary in running the hospital. 

The problem is, when patient surveys are filled in the majority of patients stay in hospital are a matter of only a few days and with minor ailments, and in most cases you could not fault the treatment, as the nurses are excellent and do a great job; therefore these patients do praise the service at the hospital. 

The problems come when there are patients with serious problems and long term hospitalisation, where diagnosis sometimes is incorrect or even takes days to actually confirm and there have been many instances of this. 

I have spoken to family members who have actually been told to get their relatives out of the hospital, and even one intensive care nurse telling someone not to bring anyone to this hospital unless it was a dire emergency.

There are sayings around the hospital “if in doubt get out” and “if in pain catch a plane”.

What does that say?

Part of the problem is that we are not attracting the specialists we need owing to the salaries offered under the privately run hospital funding. 

If the Health Minister does not attend the meeting on Sunday, August 26, it shows the utter contempt the Liberal Party has for our city.

Prove you care by attending The Nowingi Place meeting.

Bette Schulz,

Red Cliffs.

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