At the bar: round 17

TP: Must have been the coaches curse last week with two senior figures, Matt Walder and Mark Alvey, sitting out the rest of the SFNL season.

MR: We've heard of coaches hogging the trainers' rooms, but this is at a new level. Walder has broken his arm, although he thought it was just a 'stinger', and an errant boot has split Alvey's leg in two!

TP: Lucky neither of them got pushed Selwood-style otherwise they could have a case to answer! What is this MRP coming to! Damien Hardwick hit the nail on the head when he said, "Surely they're taking the piss."

MR: To quote James Brayshaw, "he's taking a mountain of piss!" It probably seems worse to me being a Geelong supporter, but fair dinkum, Joel Selwood being reported for pushing his brother, who actually charged at him, is the worst report I have ever seen. The MRP should consider themselves lucky I don't know where they live!

TP: They should do everyone a favour and discharge themselves from their positions. Where do we see Wentworth's position without Mark Alvey? Can they win the flag without their best player?

MR: Any side that still has the midfield of Bernard Rigby, Glen Cumming, Phil Byrnes, Jayden Scadding, and occasionally Colin Andrews, Zac McGlynn and Warrick Brady is nothing to sneeze at. But they will need someone to take over the specific outside running role that he had.

TP: The thing they will probably miss the most from him is his disposal. Do-or-die at City Oval for Robinvale as well.

MR: This one is the proper definition of an eight point game. If Robinvale win, they are just two points short of Mildura and it comes down to the final round. If the Demons win though, it's all she wrote, locked away, done and dusted, wham-bam-thank you ma'am, and every other clichéd line on the planet!

TP: Thank you mother for the rabbits is probably my favourite. Good to see the Eagles legend Don Falvo doing some of his sharpest work in the kitchen at last weekend's Almond Blossom Festival in Robinvale. It was a real complicated recipe I heard as well!

MR: "A tomato pasta sauce with almonds" I think was pretty much the gist of it. Masterchef is calling for you Donny! Speaking of food, when is the deadline for your chips and gravy contest? If it was a chicken parmy contest I would be more than happy to help you judge!

TP: Not sure what this chicken parmy is you speak of, I've heard of chicken parmas though and they're delicious. I'll give it the end of the season. Just as the teams prepare for the business end of the season, so should the kitchen!

MR: Don't start this argument again. You are now in Mildura and we call it a parmy! I think we nearly started World War Three when we discussed it last time!

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