Digging deep into history

A MAJOR, seven-year archaeological project has begun on Ned’s Corner Station, on the Murray floodplain west of Lake Culleraine, and has already found evidence of 15,000 years of human occupation – three times the age of the earliest civilisation of ancient Egypt.

And La Trobe University archaeologist Dr Jillian Garvie, who led the three-week survey, believes the floodplain will eventually yield evidence of much earlier human occupation, dating back some 40,000 years. 

“If there were people at Lake Mungo 40,000 years ago, there’s no reason why they wouldn’t have been living across a far more extensive region of north-western Victoria and south-western NSW,” Dr Garvie said.

Dr Garvie’s project is funded by an Australian Research Council grant that is scheduled to run from 2013 to 2020.

Ned’s Corner Station, one of the oldest, and the largest sheep-grazing properties in the region, was acquired by the Trust For Nature in 2002, because it had been only lightly grazed through its more than 100-year history. For the same reason, its archaeology promised to be relatively intact.

Dr Garvie said La Trobe University’s archaeology department has been managing a cultural heritage program, conducted by volunteers, for the past five years.

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