At the bar: Round 16

MR: It is now the final stretch of the home and away season mate, finals footy are right around the corner!

TP: Starting to get closer to my favourite time of year! Finals footy and fillies at the races.

MR: At the races or on the hill? I don't blame you, there is something great about sport in the Spring.

TP: Both! AFL Grand Final, Melbourne Cup and cricket season. Sounds pretty good to me!

MR: Not forgetting the all important, frothies! The race for the SFNL final four looks to be down to two after Red Cliffs upset Merbein last weekend. Mildura, who are in fourth, will be hoping the Tigers become their allies again by knocking over Robinvale and guarantee the Demons a place in the finals.

TP: That win should make sure the boys from Quandong Park aren't 'awarded' the wooden spoon this season you'd think. Robinvale would need to win their remaining three games to make the top four.

MR: A couple of the Mildura boys have told me that they will barracking for the Tigers this week! South Mildura up against Wentworth should also decide second spot and subsequently, get the second chance heading into finals.

TP: One of the biggest games of the season. Plenty at stake for both sides.

MR: Merbein and Mildura also promises to be a great game, although perhaps less on the line now for the Pies.

TP: It's the last roll of the dice for the Pies. Ever since the club resigned Matty Walder they've lost every game!

MR: Interesting fact, let's hope for their sake it's not an omen.

TP: If Robinvale can get over the top of Red Cliffs and Merbein can upset Mildura, that will set up a tantalising match next week between the Demons and Eagles!

MR: Too right! Last time Red Cliffs went to Riverside Park they won by just a point. Robinvale seem to have a track record of giving their fans heart attacks this year, losing three games by one point and drawing another!

TP: They certainly know how to keep their fans enthralled. The Tigers will be confident of scoring two in a row then!

MR: If those losses had have all been wins, then fourth place would have nearly been sown up by now.

TP: Time for an update on the chips and gravy contest as well I reckon. Wentworth are running a close second to Red Cliffs at the moment but it is a tight run contest.

MR: I'm going to go all Masterchef on you -- what is the most important factor for you in the chips and gravy contest?

TP: I like a nice crunch to my chip, with a fair amount of seasoning and a thick covering of gravy. I haven't come across the perfect chip yet but I think we're getting close!

MR: Sounds like perfection!

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