Billboard row: Erection of art event promo sign at airport raises concern

SEX sells – but not everyone at the Mildura Airport is buying it.

Mildura's art community was ready for a fight yesterday, after Palimpsest organisers were asked by an airport representative to remove a “controversial” billboard artwork promoting the event on the corner of Walnut Avenue and the Sturt Highway.

The artwork, created by Melbourne artist Bindi Cole, parodies advertisements aimed at improving men's sexual performance. 

Palimpsest curator Helen Vivian said airport board member Ross Lake, who is also chair of Arts Mildura, had “threatened to resign” in support of the festival's plight to keep the sign in place. 

“I really don’t mind that there might be a bit of controversy surrounding it. I don’t think it’s the least bit offensive at all,” Mr Lake said.

Mildura Airport CEO Bill Burke said yesterday while there had been some “initial concern” about the artwork's message, airport management had decided to allow it to remain in place. 

“We just wondered what it was all about and we're now satisfied that it meets our criteria,” he said.

“We were concerned a little about the content given our public image and the prominent position of the billboard.

“But we've spoken with one of the event directors and we're happy for it to stay there.

“When you really look at it, we don't think it's offensive.”

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