‘Lowest Paid’: Paramedics consider quitting as industry morale falls ‘crook’

SUNRAYSIA Ambulance Victoria paramedics are calling for more job flexibility and permanent staff under protected industrial action, which began on Friday.

Ambulance Employees Association of Victoria Mildura delegate Jim Livingstone said the region needed at least four more permanent staff to keep up with demand.

Mr Livingstone, an advanced life support paramedic, said Sunraysia was in danger of losing experience in a job where it could mean life or death.

He said the region did not offer training for Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance (MICA) paramedics and that MICA shifts were going unfilled.

“Morale is crook in the industry because of a lack of flexibility, a lack of negotiation and a lack of pay,” Mr Livingstone said.

“Our workload is increasing and we don’t have enough staff.

“We have 25 staff in Sunraysia, which sounds like a lot, but we cover a 24-hour roster.”

The industrial action, which started on Friday at 10am, aims to have the State Government negotiate a new Ambulance Victoria enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA).

The previous EBA expired in November.

Mr Livingstone said although proposals were put to the government in June, no action had been taken.

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