Crackdown on littering

The Victorian Government is tackling litter on all fronts by investing in infrastructure, education and enforcement.

We have just released the new Victorian Litter Strategy, while also launching a new state-wide summer anti-littering campaign.

The government is committed to creating a cleaner, healthier environment for all Victorians to enjoy. 

Not only have we doubled fines for littering, we’re also educating people about the environmental and economic impact of litter and investing in new infrastructure and equipment to make it easier to dispose of litter correctly and to crack down on illegal dumping.

 As part of an existing $6 million commitment to tackling litter in Victoria, the government is investing $1.5 million over the next two years in projects that encourage partnerships between community, business and government to combat litter around the state.

 These include a new public education campaign, “A cleaner Victoria is in your hands”, which will provide Victorians with the knowledge that they can have a direct impact on littering by educating and encouraging them to report litterers to the Environment Protection Authority Victoria.

 Ryan Smith,

Minister for Environment and Climate Change