Sponsorship Applications

Sunraysia Daily Sponsorship Application Form


For almost 100 years Sunraysia Daily has been a strong and proud supporter of our community, local events, charities, sporting groups and the arts. We are constantly working to support our community and have long associations with many of our recipients. In the past year sponsorship valued at over $300,000 has been provided to support various local organisations and events around our district .

If you wish to request sponsorship support from Sunraysia Daily, please fill out the application form below.

NOTE: There is a genuine, audited cost to Sunraysia Daily for sponsorship support that limits the number of requests that we can commit to. Therefore, unfortunately, we are not able to assist with every request we receive, even if the request fits within our sponsorship objectives.

Sponsorship applications are considered equally, based on Sunraysia Daily’s sponsorship objectives as outlined HERE

If you would prefer a pdf copy of the form sent to you by email please send request to admin@sunraysiadaily.com.au or collect a hard copy of the form from our office